Fun typing with BBC Dance Mat Typing

Do you want your kids or students who require learning how to sort? There are animated animal characters, outstanding graphics and
very good sounds in this system. Friendly lists and cool things increase the total efficacy and success rate of the system all
through the world. Many kids worldwide use this program to successfully learn how to type. This system is properly structured as a
collection of 4 degrees with 3 stages for every level.

Extraordinary components to Learn How to type

Animated animal teachers in this sports program take all children through all these 12 stages. These characters guide children
regarding where to put the palms on the computer keyboard. They assist kids to find which hands to use to sort every key with
onscreen animation hands. There is a wonderful song at the close of each stage by the instructor and their supporting cast for
observing the overall achievements of kids. As a result, all kids who participate in this game program get 100% amusement and

Outstanding features of the Dance Mat Typing help all children to learn to type. You are able to access the BBC Dance Mat Typing and
begin a step to earn your children enhance their experience in typing. There’s no need to register or login to get this system.
The easy interface of this system and clear instructions from the start to end are significant reasons behind the enhanced
convenience and 100% satisfaction to each user. This system is free nonetheless extraordinary beyond the expectations of users.

Successfully learn to type with BBC Typing

Kids who start using this program can find out the house arrow keys at first. All stages in this method build on previous lessons
and bring in new words as children progress. They could assess their typing speed at the close of each level and children can get
a funny reward. In the second stage, they learn to sort e and I. In the third phase, they know to type r and u.

Children in the second degree of this system know to type y & t, w / o, and q & p from the stages 4 to 6. They learn to sort keys x
& z, / &. And change keys concerning how to make capital letters from stage 10 to 12. They need to use the right fingers and
avoid rushing to kind.

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