Yvette Heiser – Ways in Which Photography Impact Our Lives

Photography creates images by recording light through a photographic film or image sensor. It helps us understand life and scenarios from someone else’s perspective. You can capture every moment and emotion in one photograph explaining the emotion’s depth. That is the power of art. It brings everyone together and changes their perspective on life. Yvette Heiser understands the intensity of photography. Here is a guide on how photography can impact everything in your life.

Yvette Heiser - Ways in Which Photography Impact Our Lives
  • Maintains Emotional Awareness

Humans experience various emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, love and grief. The intensity of these emotions is visible through photographs. You can record your feelings at any time. A single photo feels the power of emotions.

  • Memories

With age, we need to remember what we were before a few years. It becomes difficult to recall the incidents and events in your life. But photographs help you stay in touch with the memories. Your sense of nostalgia can be fulfilled with the help of photographs. Be it any events like birthday parties, trips and calamities. We can understand what has changed in past years. Our photographs will live to convey our stories.

  • The Beauty of the Moment

Often in the hustle and bustle of everyday routine, we forget to stay in the moment and capture the beauty. Beautiful scenarios like sunset, monsoon, sunrise and blooming of a flower are felt through photographs. As soon as you see even the photographs of these events, you will feel a warmth, and a smile will creep into your face. Photographs make you stay in the moment rather than think about the future.

  • Changes in Perspective of Society

Apart from personal lives, photography has a significant impact on society too. For instance, pictures from war or calamities can make you feel the depth of the situation and bring back a sense of humanity. You can form opinions based on a single photograph. It influences the opinions, thoughts and views of large groups of people.

  • Social Media

The importance of photographs has been remarkably understood after the introduction of digital photography means and social media. People can share their deep emotions and feelings with the help of social media. Moreover, social media engagement has motivated people to capture even more moments.

  • Journey of Life

Photographs carry the ability to take you on an ancestral journey. You can learn about your great-grandfather, grandfather and many other relations with the help of photographs. Your family history is apparent in photographs. It will bring your family closer.


In short, photographs possess immortality and have a significant impact on personal as well as social life. Photographs will make you understand emotions, create memories, help you stay in the moment, and appreciate beauty. If you are wondering about the different types of photographs, Yvette Heiser – Range of Photography Types at that time should come in handy

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